10 Years - Donations

homeLA celebrates 10 years of programming in Los Angeles

We're celebrating 10 years.

Please help us raise 50k in support of our 10th year anniversary.

It's hard to imagine that homeLA started as an artist project, almost 10 years ago!  Rebecca Bruno founded homeLA when she and the artists around her were longing to connect to Los Angeles, its neighborhoods and communities. Within LA and its physical and psychological vastness, Rebecca created intimate performances events for us, bringing the most exceptional artists to bridge public and private space.

homeLA continues to empower this city’s innovative artist lineages by centering such important conversations in and around notions of home. By doing so, we are widening the community of people who are coming to see dance and performance art and making it more possible for independent artists to work and grow their creative practices here.

We are deeply honored that the most incredible individuals throughout the city have generously opened their doors in support of homeLA over the past 10 years. They have hosted more than 250 artists and their rehearsal processes demonstrating adventurous and altruistic spirit. homeLA has always been for those people who love dance, art, architecture, and our city; people interested in experiencing alternative performance platforms and intimate art experiences; and artists interested in alternative modes of performing.  Today we are proud that homeLA is also for dance students learning site-specific dance and dance for camera; those for whom homelessness is a lived experience or socially-justice concern; and foster youth artists and advocates.

We are embarking on a new chapter with this landmark occasion, and are ready for the next 10 years!  We need your donations to keep this momentum going! We challenge you to imagine the Los Angeles you want to live in - a sensational, revolutionary place that synthesizes art and life.  You have the power to shape the place in which you live. Help us now and become part of what makes Los Angeles exquisite! 

When you donate to homeLA, you join a community, you directly support dancers and performance artists, you encourage more people to open their doors, and you prove the impact of what it means to work together. We need you. Please make your donation today. Help us continue to produce shows, pay artists, and raise the bar for our audiences' experience. 

Thank you.

Your contribution to homeLA is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by the law.

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