Bereavement Doula Support Services - Going bedside to support loss with the gift of memory making and remembrance

For families experiencing stillbirth or NICU loss, we dispatch certified/trained doulas to support families bedside and provide bonding, memory making and photography. When families are discharged and return home, we have a nest of peer-led support waiting for them at our office in Blackwood, NJ. This space allows us to offer a variety of support that fits the schedules, cultural/religious needs and allows for parents/couples to connect with others walking similar journeys. Families are also able to request personal consultations if the thought of attending a support group is overwhelming. (Over 230 families served since 2016)


Pregnancy & Parenting After Loss Support - For families as they continue their family building journey 

For our families who continue their family building journey after loss, we offer weekly meeting support (families come when they need – but they know we are always open/there). This also includes discounts for reassurance 3D/4D ultrasound scans, specialized maternity and newborn portraiture that honors the baby who passed away as well as books and other support materials mamas need as they navigate this exciting but stressful time. Starting in 2023, we will be hosting Parenting After Loss/Postpartum Support Group so our parents also can benefit from our support in the first year after loss. (Over two dozen families served since 2022)


Palliative Care ProgramFor families who choose to terminate or carry to term, we provide the same compassionate care

For the 2% of pregnancies that receive a life-limiting or uncertain fetal diagnosis, we provide resources, free services (3D/4D ultrasounds and maternity portraiture), birth planning support and bedside support services to facilitate memory making, bonding and infant remembrance portraiture. Additionally, we have supported families who delivered their children and beat the odds against them!

(Over 20 families served)


Perinatal Bereavement Training Program – Equally important to our mission is serving the medical professionals that support families bedside as they give birth to the impossible/unthinkable. This six-week hybrid training program provides five weeks of virtual content covering all topics including effective communication, ways to encourage bonding and facilitate memory making as well as self-care. This program is also provided for advocates (loss parents, mental health professionals, birth workers, etc.) so that they can also provide support to patients/clients experiencing perinatal loss. (Over 21 individuals trained on how to support families bedside when facing these tragedies in 2022)


Awareness & Outreach EventsWe gather as a community to help #shatterthestigma of loss. Three Little Birds hosts several one-of-a-kind events that focus on bringing awareness and outreach to our mission, as well as supporting the events of our community partners/other local non-profits with shared missions in the family building community. We truly believe collaboration in our community is the key to making sure every family has access to compassionate and informed resources so they can feel empowered in their journey and decision making. (Over 15 events annually)


Sibling Support ServicesRemembering Baby Bird support book - Three Little Birds has authored a sibling grief support book titled, Remembering Baby Bird, which gently explains to young children (siblings, cousins, friends) in gentle terms about the grief their parents are experiencing. This book has become a best seller and we offer three additional versions: Spanish and LGBTQ versions (Mom/Mama and Dad/Papa). (Hundreds of copies sold)


Infertility & Loss SupportNew for 2023

Family building is hard. Many families experience unexplained secondary infertility after the loss of a pregnancy or baby. Additionally, one in every eight families struggle to conceive naturally. You are not alone. In 2023, we are launching a new support group focused on supporting the complex grief of infertility and loss.


Legacy Project ProgramFamilies are finding helping through healing

We offer our families $100 (no cash value) toward the launch of a legacy project or event in memory of their baby. This provides an avenue for healing not just for the parents but their loved ones who may be struggling to support them. Several legacy projects support fundraising for us by parents using their talents and compassion. Other legacy events have brought in more than $15,000 in donations in their baby’s memory that are used to facilitate our mission. (Over 10 active projects)


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - We are so grateful for your support. 100% of donated funds go directly to helping our families. Three Little Birds provides our services to families at NO CHARGE. Additionally, we do not directly solicit support from the families we serve. NO ONE should have to pay for support during such difficult time. Financial donations help our general operating fund, as well as support our healing events and other numerous programs.

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