Nashville Recycling Roundup Event

Clean Up, Drive Through, Drop Off -- Saturday, December 10th -9 am to 3 pm

                                 Household items only! Scroll for the list of accepted items. 


What's Accepted: 
Household items only. No business items. 
Items not on the accepted items list will be turned away.
+ Mattresses: (Limit of 2 per household)
+ Tires (Limit of 8 per household)
+ Clothing, Textiles, Shoes (clean & dry items only, nothing stained with motor oil or toxic substances.)
+ Alkaline Batteries (only alkaline batteries, no rechargeable batteries)
+ Scrap Metal
+ Glass Bottles & Jars (From food & drink products only. No other types of glass accepted.)
+ Ink Cartridges
+ Electronics* (No items containing freon. Acceptable item list coming soon.)
+ Cables & Cords
+ Medications (No sharps)

+ Paper Shredding Services on Site

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