Musicmakers Workshop

Find Your Story. Build Your Tribe. Make a Living.




We go to school to learn about our specific professions -- but are never taught the business or given the tools to successfully leverage our skills in the real-world.  The Music Makers Workshop addresses this need.  We’ve designed a program to help artists to tell their story, to define their brand, and to expand their revenue - all while maintaining a healthy work / life balance.

The MusicMakers Workshop will be in Brooklyn, NY - August 17 - 19.

At the moment, the cost of this workshop is LESS THAN $34 per day!  Hit the register button now and reserve your spot for only $99.99.

Crowdfund to Attend:
You can also "crowdfund" or "KickStart" your registration price. This allows you to ask friends and family to give a tax-deductible donation on your behalf.  Simply click on the "Crowdfund to Attend" option, fill out the form, and share with your friends.  Get 10 people to help with a $10 dollar donation and you hit the goal!!!!


If this isn't for you or if you aren't able to attend but want to support this vision, Donate what you can to help us make this a reality.  You will even have an opportunity to pick a specific musician to sponsor!

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