The Sedona Vortex Ultra Hike is a 2-day, 45ish-mile trail hike through the iconic Red Rocks of Sedona! Along the way, we’ll pass through 4 of the world renown energy vortexes for which Sedona is famous. If you’ve always wanted to explore this special peaceful place, there’s no better way to do it! 


As with all Project Athena Adventures, you can apply to join the expedition team as either an Athena/Zeus (Survivor) or as a fundraising God or Goddess.

Please remember that all are conditional acceptances and are based on the timely completion of paperwork and proper training. Fundraising benchmarks must also be met in a timely manner for our fundraising Gods and Goddesses.

And as always, a special and heartfelt THANK YOU to our Project Athena Sponsors, who make all of this goodness and luuuuv possible! 

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This campaign has ended or is not currently active.
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