The Poetry of Parkinson's

Living Artistically: The Poetry of Parkinson's is a collection of poems from more than 30 writers from the Parkinson's community - people living with PD as well as care partners and family members.

The book was compiled and published by Parkinson's Community Los Angeles in 2022. Now in its second printing, the book is our gift to our supporters, and is available with a minimum donation of $25 to PCLA. Your contribution will help us continue to provide support to families living with Parkinson's.

"...a very impressive collection of poetry submitted by an impressive group of friends, family and others who are part of the Parkinson's community, and especially those who continue to live artistically with Parkinson's."

Join us in celebrating the creativity of our community!
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This program is supported by the Sandy Yaras Hero Fund

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] or (310) 880-3143