The Abortion Talks Screening

On December 30, 1994, John Salvi entered two abortion clinics in Greater Boston and opened fire, murdering two employees, injuring several others, and shocking the nation.

In the aftermath, Essential Partners cofounder Laura R. Chasin, with mediator Susan Podziba, convened and led confidential dialogues between three pro-life and three pro-choice leaders. The women met regularly for six years, building deep bonds of trust and mutual understanding across a vast ideological divide. None of them changed their minds, but the dialogues would change their lives.

The Abortion Talks is a moving new documentary, produced by independent filmmakers Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins, that tells this story of courage, transformation, and hope. Melissa Kogut, participant in the dialogues and former head of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, calls The Abortion Talks “a powerful documentary right when we need it.” Frances Hogan, dialogue participant and founder of Women Affirming Life, describes it as “fair, clear and intriguing,” and fellow participant Anne Fowler, a pro-choice Episcopal priest, call is “inspiring, brilliantly told.”

Watch the trailer at the Abortion Talks website and join us for an exclusive preview screening at the Majestic 7 Theater in Watertown, MA—the city where the dialogues took place—on October 26th.

Following the screening, Essential Partners co-Executive Directors John Sarrouf and Katie Hyten will join the filmmakers to talk about our hopes for the documentary's impact and how you can help, as well as EP's continuing work on this and other polarizing issues. Attendees will also have a chance to engage in a brief EP dialogue exercise.

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