The WOW Way gives voice to the feminine wisdom within all, empowers women's stories, develops women leaders and honors women's contribution to society.


Since 1993, WOW has offered many diverse programs and an annual conference uniting all women through the unique expressions of the feminine spirit. 

  • WOW operates through Co-Creative Circles.
  • WOW honors the unique gifts and voices of all women.
  • WOW witnesses women’s healing through sharing stories.
  • WOW’s programs create positive changes to women’s lives and their communities.
  • WOW has changed the lives of thousands of women over many years.
  • WOW Meetups are available weekly for women to gather, learn and share on diverse topics. 
  • WOW offers a Co-Creative Circle Training for women to experience how to create and lead collaborative and supportive circles.
  • WOW envisions new programs to continue our legacy and grow throughout the year, blossoming our community to be dynamic and diverse for all ages.


Founder, Kris Steinnes, 2014 Leadership award from The Global Women's Summit, Women's Information Network and award winning author of Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

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