What started 7 years ago as a reminder to one 16 year old young man in foster care who needed to know "you are so worthy" has spread to thousands of children in our local foster care system. With each and every thing we do, the message is the same "you are enough, you belong, you matter, you are worthy".

Each day this message is spread in many different ways and may look like our organization: 

- replacing a trash bag with a pink polka-dotted duffel bag

- celebrating a sweet 16th birthday of a young person alone in a treatment center

- providing beds for a sibling set moving home with their mom

- transforming spaces where children + families in foster care spend time together to being comforting & trauma informed

- providing opportunities to current foster youth to build community together

- giving hope in the form of dorm room necessities for the young lady who just aged out of care and beating the odds. 

It's messages like these from local social workers that show the impact of the work of our organization: 

"I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Making a way to provide her with some comfort but to also allow her college experience to be normal (as much as possible) makes me feel like she as a chance of true happiness" 

"I was able to bring her the birthday bag that was sponsored for her and she was so blown away by the kind card and generosity of the gifts that she called me to ask if it was all really for her.  She particularly loved the cup with her name on it, which I personally know meant a lot for her.  She’s going through a bit of a rough time right now and it was just so nice to hear the joy in her voice while she opened her gifts!"

"Still so grateful to you all for the airfare support last year. That child exited foster care to permanency and is now in the custody of his mother"

With your support this Giving Tuesday, we can spread more joy, meet more needs and spread awareness about the unmet needs of the foster care system. 

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