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Habitot Children’s Museum is celebrating nineteen years in downtown Berkeley with a newly refurbished firehouse and fire truck exhibit due to debut on Saturday, April 29th from 9:30-4:30pm with a Free Admission Day! Kids will spark their imaginations with a chance to be a superhero, call 911, or race to put out a fire! The fire truck will be equipped with firefighter costumes, a hose, flashing lights, and alarms. Next to the truck will be a pretend burning house, with flames in windows, a rescue crawl space, and floor instructions to “STOP, DROP and ROLL”.

The new firehouse and fire truck exhibit is being refurbished and repaired right now! Your gift will immediately be used to make this possible, and the best part is - ALL gifts will be matched up to $5,000 thanks to our generous donors!

The exhibit will be on display from April 29th until November 2017.  To register to attend the free admission day, please visit:

Gina Moreland, Habitot’s Executive Director shares, “In the wake of the recent Oakland fires, we feel it is especially important to educate our youth on fire safety with engaging learning through play exhibits, and we must make sure vulnerable children receive access to nonprofit safety programs like Habitot’s Fire Truck exhibit.”

Typical exhibit cost:

  • Sturdy Firefighter Helmets: $9ea x 8 = $64
  • Authentic Firefighter Costumes: $80ea x 12 = $640

  • Firefighter Boots: $25/pair x 8 = $200
  • New Fire Engine Ride Upons: $50-$100 each x 4 = $350
  • Exhibit Fabrication: $2,500
  • Delivery of Exhibit: $250
  • Movers (To Install Exhibit): $180
  • Food and drink for firefighters and ALL DONORS at our Preview Opening Event on 4/28 (we hope to see you there!): $500

Accompanying the exhibit will be fire safety and child safety informational pamphlets for parents, with helpful tips to increase learning through play at home.

Here is how this exhibit will be used to reach ALL Bay Area children regardless of their background, income, or ability:

  • This exhibit will be free to all low income families in the Bay Area through Habitot's Museums for All Program - in which no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.
  • Homeless children will receive a free birthday party at Habitot with the Firehouse Exhibit to play in!
  • Hundreds of low-income preschools will receive free field trips with a fire safety education component.
  • Children with special needs and their families will attend quarterly inclusion playdates after hours at the museum, at "Special Times for Special Families."
  • Parents raising foster children will attend quarterly playdates called, "Foster Family Fun Days."
  • Teen parents will be able to bring their children for free at "Teen Time" after hours events.
  • Mothers and father that were previously incarcerated will be able to unite for the first time with their young children at "Together Again" Habitot family reunification program.

Donate today to make a child a hero. Donate today to increase learning through play for ALL children at Habitot Children's Museum.


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