Provo is proud to offer the Provo Turf Trade for residential lawns again in 2024. This year the Provo Turf Trade tripled in size from 250 bags to 750 bags meaning more households can participate! Trading conventional residential turf lawns for TWCA Qualified turf reduces water demand by up to 40%. 

Turf Trade pick-up begins Tuesday April 16th and continues until Thursday April 18th. Orders will be available between 11am and 2pm each day, Tuesday the 9th through Thursday the 11th. And don't forget your receipt!

The program is simple:

Trade up.         Pre-order your TWCA Qualified Drought Tolerant turf seed here.  (Your email receipt guides you through the pickup process)

Dry out.            Install the TWCA qualified seed. Use the videos produced by SLCDPU and CWEL from the gallery for guidance!

Stay green  Combine water efficient management AND plants to reduce the water demand of landscapes by up to 40%!

This public-private partnership is designed to conserve water and preserve the functional beauty and natural brilliance of living turfgrass.  By participating in this project, you are making a positive change in your community. By showing what is possible, you are changing communities around the world.  

The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) and Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCDPU) created helpful and informative videos to help citizens be successful in their turf trade. Finally, to ensure landscapes are being watered effectively, participants can use the TWCA Irrigation Calculator to find their ideal runtime, adjusting for green-cover, irrigation outputs, and frequency! For the most relevant turfgrass guidance, seek and follow information from the local turfgrass extension. 

To ensure the appropriate use of resources your utility number is used to verify program eligibility. If the utility number, entered is not eligible the transaction will be cancelled. The transaction (less transaction fees) will be refunded to the original card.


WHERE DO I GO?              Public Works Office at 1377 S 350 E, Provo, UT 84606 

WHEN DO I GO THERE?  April 9-11 between 10am and 2pm 

WHAT DO I NEED?         This receipt, on your phone or printed out to confirm purchase.

If PROVO Turf Trade is sold out, TWCA Qualified drought tolerant turfgrass is still available from TWCA members in Utah. All TWCA Qualified drought tolerant turfgrasses provide benefits to the environment, no matter where you get it! 

TWCA partners:

Be aware, though, these options are un-subsidized but are always available!

Donating to TWCA allows the program to continue evaluating and identifying the most drought tolerant turfgrasses of each species.  Without donor support TWCA could not quantify the water use of turfgrasses in the managed environment and qualify them through our rigorous process. 

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