Map Reading Workshop

Navigate safely and have fun!

Have you ever wondered what those funny lines and symbols are on a topographic map? 

Do you feel you could safely navigate in the woods if you were lost?

Would you like to hone your map reading skills and learn how to navigate off trail?

Join Wild Alabama for a day of learning and then venture off to the woods for a brief test of your newly acquired skills. 


After this class you should be able to:

  • Understand a topographic map
  • Become aware of basic methods of wilderness navigation 
  • Understand geographic terms such as ridge, saddle, valley etc.

Please note: this NOT a map and compass class or an orienteering class. This is strictly a map reading and trip planning workshop.


Cost is $29 per person. Maximum number of participants is 6.

For all workshops:

The workshop begins in our Wild Alabama office at 9 a.m. sharp. We will work together hands on with all types of learning materials including playdoh! We break at noon for lunch and reconvene at a location to be determined near the Bankhead National Forest. 

Please bring:

A willingness to learn!

A backpack with water, lunch, snacks.

Layers! Alabama weather is unpredictable! 

A basic compass. We do use a compass to orient our position on a map or utilize the straight edge measure. This class does not cover navigating with a compass. 


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