Give Rides Auto Care Essentials (GRACE) bags are given to each car gifting recipient to ensure they have access to basic necessities associated with owning and operating a vehicle. As we serve single moms who are survivors of trauma, they can often only afford absolute necessities. The GRACE bag is an opportunity for us to provide additional transportation support by ensuring they have basic auto care necessities before they drive off in their safe, reliable & debt free car!

You, or your small group, can help a single mom by sponsoring a GRACE bag using the steps below:
  1. Click the link to sponsor a bag.
  2. Register and pay the $20 fee, which covers the cost of initial shipping and the bag.
  3. When your bag arrives, use the enclosed checklist to fill the bag with necessary items. It costs between $50-$100+ to fill one bag with the essential items. 
  4. Once the bag is full, simply return the full bag to the address included using the shipping method of your choice (return shipping is not included in your registration fee). 
  5. Once received, the bag will be gifted to a single mom who owns a car!

You can view the checklist by clicking ​HERE!

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