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On January 25th, 2017 when Neymar was getting ready for bed, his parents noticed Neymar's left eye was looking a little lazy and his head was tilting slightly to the left. After visiting Neymars primary care doctors, they immediately rushed him to OHSU/Doernbecher's Children's Hospital in Portland Oregon for further testing.

After several blood tests, CT Scan, and MRI, the neurology team came back and reported the devastating news. Neymar has a DIPG tumor growing in his brain stem. The doctors explained that there isn't a cure and the survival rate is less than 1%. The family went numb.

The doctors provided Neymar’s family with two options. They could perform radiation, which would result in ongoing chronic pain or forgo treatment and make the most of the time he has left. His parents elected not to perform treatment in order to ensure Neymar has the happiest life any little boy could ask for.

This is where Oregon Active steps in. Neymar has limited time and with your help, we can provide the happiness his family is searching for. Neymar’s dream is to travel to Spain and watch Real Madrid take the field live while meeting his favorite players; Christiano Ronaldo, Tony Kroos and James Rodriguez. Together, we can make his dream a reality and provide Neymar’s family with an experience that will remain in their hearts forever.

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  • Jeff Hendricks - Donation & Mailing list - $100.00 - May 06, 2017.

    Thank you Devin, Christine and the Oregon Active team for helping dreams come to reality! Jordan, Lainie and I wish you a great trip to Spain. Jeff

  • Sterling Logan - Donation - $200.00 - May 05, 2017.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip, Neymar!

  • Brooklyn Rutledge - Donation & Mailing list - $36.50 - May 04, 2017.

    Brooklyn raised this money with help of her friends selling bracelets and homemade bookmarks. Way to go Brooklyn!

  • Jeff Gurske - Donation - $2,420.00 - Apr 29, 2017.

    From Hillsboro Firefighters Random Acts

  • Milton Solves de Souza - Donation - $50.00 - Apr 28, 2017.

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