Community Cat Emergency Assistance Program

Emergency Medical Assistance for Community Cats in Galveston County

The Community Cat Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Program is for Community Cats who are ill or injured. It is only available by the donations from the public and grant funding. If funding is not available, we are unable to help. Assistance is given on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

Eligibility & Qualifications

  • Cat must live in a Community Cat Colony in Galveston County
  • Must be a colony that has been TNR'd or in the process of being TNR'd
  • Caretaker is unable to financially provide medical care to the cat (up to $500).
  • Caretaker is limited to a maximum of $500 of assistance per Community Cat Colony per calendar yet unless special circumstances are approved by Lifeline of Galveston County's Board of Directors. 
  • If cat has not yet been spayed/neutered, it will be spayed/neutered after it's medical condition is stabilized.
  • Caretaker must be able to foster the cat during it's recovery and provide all medication as recommended by veterinarian. 

Lifeline of Galveston County tries to do it's best to approve all requests for Emergency Medical Assistance, however if any part of the veterinarian bill can be paid- this allows us to help your colony more, and help other Community Cat Colonies in Galveston County. 

You will be notified by text or email if your request for Emergency Medical Assistance has been approved. Please follow the directions below to request assistance.


1. Click “Request Assistance” 

2. Select “1” for quantity (it’s the only option!) and select “Add to Cart.” 

3. Click “add donation” if you would like to add a donation. 

4. Click “view cart” or “go to cart.”

5. Select “Check Out Now.” 

6. Enter information and digitally Request Assistance! 


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