This is not about perfecting artistic talent. 

We are now a 501c3 Nonprofit Christian Ministry outreach to those currently and continuously living with trauma. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds (Counselors, Musicians, Teachers, Poets, Pastors, Fine Artists, Therapists) enabling the ministry to help victims through something they already love. A person who is affected by trauma may have experienced an event or circumstance that was life-threatening and/or leaving them with physical and emotional harm.  The arts help us to release the pain and find healing through the process. Every person's experience, interpretation and outcome are different but when the result is the same. 

Would you be willing to help us build powerfully healing experiences? 

Your financial contribution will help us host multiple events throughout the year:

  • Venues to host in-person experiences
  • Catering & refreshments for the events and exhibit
  • Supplies for Studio Artwork (Canvas, Paint, Color Pencils, Watercolor Paper, etc.)
  • Frames for the art
  • Renting video, sound and presentation equipment 
  • Shipping costs for artists across the nation 
  • Storage rental for all the above
  • General operating expenses (we run solely on volunteers, there are no paid employees)

Last year we hosted the Trauma Art Exhibit: VOICE 2022 open to the public for one day only Saturday October 1. The night before that we invited all of the artists to come for a celebration banquet in their honor, hosted by Doreen Weiss, LPC along with the board of Directors and many wonderful volunteers. The dinner is such an important fellowship as we share our work, how it was healing and raise each other up. The Exhibit is a showcase for the public to create awareness and opportunity to invite others into the knowledge that when we combine our faith in Jesus Christ with the expressions through the arts, healing is in abundance!

This year Doreen has joined forces with other faith-based professionals to create a panel to help save sufferers of domestic violence. Pastor Tom Knowles is gearing up to host more Pray and Pour events calling to lead others on how he has found grace with this powerful healing experience. Hannah Gofourth is gearing up for her next creative experience as well as chairing the board and exhibit committee for this coming next spring! Lisa Bergquist is building a virtual online platform where trauma art can be displayed and purchased to benefit back to the artist and the ministry directly. We have posted past exhibit work, this year we want to help those voices be heard across the nation and live in art connoisseur collections! None of this is possible without your support.

We are committed to our mission and express great gratitude for your support. 

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