Anti-Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Are you still angry at an ex, feeling a little bitter at a boss that fired you? Maybe you're just feeling a little petty this year and need some revenge? It's cool, we've all been there!

For a minimum $5 donation you can name a rat, roach or worm after that not-so-special someone and we'll feed it to one of our animals for you!

During checkout you'll be asked for the critter you'd like to purchase (rat, roach, or worm), the name of your anti-valentine, and if you'd like to remain anonymous in the feeding video. 

On Feb 14th we'll film one of our animals eating the rodent or insect named after them! You can choose to remain anonymous or we can say on the video that its from you. Only first names are used. Videos will be posted on our social media on Valentine's Day evening!

If you're feeling generous and want to donate extra to help feed the animals, you can change the donation box to greater than $5. 

Note: This is all in good fun and meant to help raise money for the rescue animals. All insects are live and part of a normal diet for the animal. All rodents are frozen-thawed and Tuesday the 14th is a regular feeding day for our carnivores. All money raised helps us care for the 150 reptiles in our facility!