Dunkins Dire Situation

Cat Abandoned at Dunkin Donuts Needs Our Help


Dunkin, a 2-and-a-half-year-old cat, was found abandoned in a crate with his sister in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Along with Dunkin and his sister Cappuccino, were the 6 kittens that she had just given birth to.


Luckily, only a short week later he found his happily ever after and was adopted to a very loving home. Unfortunately, Dunkin needs our help again. Dunkin is no longer able to pee on his own. He has formed crystals which have blocked his urethra. His owners are not able to afford his treatment for this as it is very pricey. To avoid him having to be returned to the shelter to live in a cage, we would much rather keep him in his loving home and help raise money for his treatment.


Veterinary Medical Center is helping him through this time of need. It is estimated that treatment could cost anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500. It truly takes a village to care for all of these animals and we are INCREDIBLY grateful for our village.


If you cannot donate, please consider sharing his story. 

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