Zion Global Missions immediate priority is to develop an affordable and accessible strategy for providing sustainable water sources within the villages in NE Kenya where severe drought has been a way of life for decades. The rainy seasons that happen for a few days twice a year barely support the farmers with harvesting. Average rainfall is about 5 inches/year! Riverbeds are used for wagons or donkeys that transport water after digging to find the water table and drain unsanitary water into containers for cooking, bathing, farming, and laundry.

Limited water wells for securing water are not keeping up with the growth in population in some villages. And villagers may have to pay in order to even access this water source.  Thankfully, waterborne diseases are not widespread.

Our goal is to partner with NGOs in Kenya or those based in the US who have operations for drilling of wells or water purification that can be done on a small scale. We are seeking partnerships with universities or technology programs that have developed international study programs that will bring the latest technological and cost-effective means for accessing safe and sustainable water sources.

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