This is your Campaign Landing Page. All of the content can be viewed when the Campaign Landing Page is shared and/or integrated into your website. If you would like only the tool to be displayed, you will want to use the Widget version of the campaign. Learn more about the difference here: Campaign Widget vs. Campaign Landing Page

If you would like to see examples of how campaigns can be integrated into your website, click here for widget integrations OR click here for campaign landing page integrations

This particular section of your campaign landing page is the About Section of your campaign. This is where Call to Action Language can be included, more details about your campaign, images, and videos. This section will not display if the widget version of the campaign is used. 

You can also include images and videos in this section of your campaign. You may also want to use the Featured Media section and/or the Gallery sections shown below to highlight specific images and/or videos. 

The Comments and Activity Feed sections shown below can be turned on/off per campaign. The Activity Feed will only display after the initial transaction has been completed.

Information on your campaign landing page can be rearranged to suite your needs. 

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