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Gary Ramsey




Gary applies the Alexander Technique to pinpoint habitually unconscious bodily practices. As a practitioner, Gary openly facilitates a safe and compassionate space for people to gently arrive into an authentic self-determined centered state of harmony and balance.

Gary’s holistic approaches purposefully bring us into a unified state, exactly the way nature intended for us.

As we work with our mind/body connection, we organically come into a heightened awareness, which in turn brings us into a freer state of being, and places us into the flow of life without unnecessary strain or struggle.

Gary Ramsey has simultaneously implemented the Alexander Technique in tandem with Breathing Coordination for numerous years to work with his clients in his private practice.



Gary Ramsey provides an educational and personal approach to identifying where our system is “out of balance” in our daily life. Being out of balance can produce blocked energy that doesn’t serve our full potential. Our natural energy becomes unable to dynamically flow fully and freely through our body. This in turn causes negative symptoms to build up in various areas of our physical, emotional and mental systems.

why take the workshop?

Unwanted muscular stress is often the result of years of accumulated unchecked tension resulting in a cumulative unwanted effect on the body.  Without addressing tension and stress in our body, we can be faced with common ailments such as spinal problems, arthritis, migraines, insomnia and illnesses which may become serious and require medical intervention.


Colin Quinn, Comedian

I’ve worked with Gary Ramsey for over 15 years. When I first came to him, I would lose my voice on a regular basis. He cleared that up in about two months. Now I’ve done up to three one person shows of an hour and half on Broadway and eight a week and my voice stays strong the whole time. So after he cured that, why did I keep going back? Because Gary Ramsey is one of those people that once you start learning from him you keep learning more and more. Partially because he’s born to do what he does, and partially because he’s always learning himself and then he brings that knowledge to his students. I’ve chatted casually with over 50 of his younger students over the years while I was waiting for my class and that’s the real test. When you have kids in their late teens who are lighting up when they discuss a teacher that’s a special thing. I’ve seen it countless times.  I think what he does is essential and I think there’s so many levels to it, but he makes it simple and effective. I would recommed his rare skill set and I would also vouch for him as a human being , he’s an ethical man who can be trusted personally as well as professionally. I feel very lucky to know him and work with him.

Thank you.     

Colin Quinn

Who is Gary Ramsey ?

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Gary Ramsey

Author & Cancer Survivor

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