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This is a collaborative experience by Catalyst Development and Heartconnexion Seminars

Catalyst Development

Catalyst Development, founded by Dr. Katie Ervin, is a leadership development company offering consulting and customized trainings to individuals and corporations. The company’s curriculum is based on Dr. Ervin’s research on employee satisfaction and workplace motivation, including her signature Career and Power Skills that apply to leaders at all stages and levels. 

Dr. Katie Ervin - Founder and CEO

Katie Ervin is a vision-driven, goal-focused leader with a proven history of innovation and achievement. Throughout her career, she has established a reputation as a leadership expert and a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. Efficiency, project management, and organizational change while building trust throughout an organization is a strength.

She is an enthusiastic mentor, coach and team member. She believes in lifelong learning and assisting people to continue their growth.  She enjoys sharing her expertise and working with organizations to foster a positive culture utilizing self-determination theory. She believes it is critical for organizations to build employee loyalty and focus on organizational happiness.

Her book, You Might Be an Asshole But It Might Not Be Your Fault! will be released in May 2023.

Jenna Scott - Chief Operating Officer

Jenna is a relationship builder focused on growth and people. She enjoys getting to know an individual’s story to better understand who they are. By getting to know the whole person, she uses her life and work experience in Professional Development, Sports, and Marketing to help others see their full potential.  

Heartconnexion Seminars

Brad Hill (PMIN) - HCS Executive Director

Brad has spent his life leading, writing, teaching, podcasting, and coaching folks and communities to live honestly and choose their best story. He's authored 2 books, developed a podcast and coaching platform, and continues to help people and communities "prepare for the magic" in their everyday life.

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