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Hello everyone! The hearts of so many today are in need of so much hope and healing. The amazing thing is that in the midst of today's struggles, HOPE is here and HOPE has a name: JESUS. 

We'd like you to know how the Daughters of St. Paul make an impact in the world, one person at a time, by seeking to become HOPE in the world of social communication.
As Daughters of St. Paul, we create a space for an encounter with Hope, a meeting with Jesus, wherever a person might be. A word. A prayer. A book. A song. A radio program. A webpage. An online conference or retreat. An email mini-course. 160 sisters, Daughters of St Paul across the US and English Speaking Canada, personally point people toward Hope, toward Jesus, who personally cares for each person we meet.

We need your help to keep  HOPE flowing in to the world through the media of communication.
Your support will help us train and educate new sisters to carry on this mission as well as care for our elderly sisters.
Will you help us by becoming HOPE for today's world?

Your gift is greatly appreciated. We will remember you in our grateful prayers.

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