2023 Spring BBQ-April 29th

Due to high demand, all BBQ shoulders must be preordered and reserved with a deposit!

Price Per Pound: $8

Shoulders Average Weight: 9-12 LBS

Sauce (Purchase at pickup!) Gallon $35 Bottle $6

Order your 2023 Spring BBQ shoulders here! With a $50 deposit, a shoulder will be reserved for you. Shoulders will be ready for pick up on Saturday, April 29th from 6AM-3PM at the St. Patrick School Picnic Grounds. Your $50 deposit will be applied to your total on the morning of pickup. You will be responsible for the balance which will vary based on shoulder weight and any sauce you purchase. We will be accepting cash and checks at pickup.  Shoulders must be preordered and we expect them to sell out! If you have not submitted your deposit and received a confirmation email, your name is not on our list! 

Thank you for supporting St. Patrick School!

Please call the school with any questions at (931)582-3493.

Reserve Your Pork Shoulder Here

To reserve your BBQ shoulder, you must preorder AND pay the $50 deposit. Your deposit will be deducted from your total on the morning of pickup. On the last checkout page, you can enter the student's name you wish to receive credit for your purchase. You may preorder and pay the deposit for multiple shoulders at once.

If you are entering an order and submitting a deposit for someone other than yourself, please use the customer's name, email, and phone number when checking out. Please submit an order and deposit for each customer separately. Do not combine multiple people's orders. 


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