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Rules definitions and FAQ

Please complete your Gingerbread House at home and bring it to the Meredith Community Center on Friday, December 9th between 5:30 PM and 7 PM. All houses will be displayed from 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, December 10th; the public and judges will vote during this time, ballots will be counted and winners will be declared by 3:45 PM. All houses will need to be carried out of the community center by 4:30 PM. Any remaining houses at 4:30 will be discarded! 


Patriotic Themed.                             Entry fee $22

Child(ren) - 1 to 12 years old, with adult supervision.              Entry fee $10 

Teens -No adult assistance-                               Entry fee $10 

General, Teams and Families - Open to any 'amateur’ bakers.          Entry fee $15 

Business - Must have a theme to be related to the business.            Entry fee $25 

Humble House Business Challenge.                                                  Entry fee $22


All houses must be placed on a 1/2” or 3/4” base (i.e. plywood) no larger than 16 x 16 with no legs\risers. 

All decorations must be 100% edible; non-edible decorations Can be used to decorate the base only.

Contest awards and prizes:

A panel of judges will determine awards for best gingerbread house in each of five categories. 

Cash prizes will be awarded based on appearance, technique and skill, creativity and difficulty. In addition, the peoples choice award will by most ballots placed. 

## NEW## 

Patriotic theme         $100.00 Cash & $50.00 Gift Certificate to HGW store.

Children’s  $50.00 Cash prize. 

Teen’s          $50.00 Cash prize. 

General           $50.00 Cash prize. 

The winner of the Business category will get an ad space in the Laconia  Sun valued at $200, mention in social media, post event picture and article.  Highest donations to Humble House will have name on plaque for the event.


The Advanced Level winners creation will be photographed for the Union Leader and Laconia  Sun, mention in social media ,PR post event, and something else?

Children’s corner:

 Altrusa of the Meredith’s Literacy Committee will have a Christmas tree decorated with books for the children to take home. Create a card to be sent overseas to our soldiers on active duty. Decorate a cupcake (by donation) to take home. Face Painting for all  available. 

Support the: 

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