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Invest in new technology for students at FGCS -  please make a tax-deductible donation today to help us raise $8,000 to purchase 30 Chromebook computers for the 2017-18 school year.

It's time to replace our aging fleet of student laptop computers. We've been lucky over the past 10 years to receive donations of used laptops from a community partner, but now it's time to invest in new technology to support student learning - and we need your help! Chromebooks are a cost-effective way to give our students the tools they need to write, research, collaborate, gain digital literacy skills and more. A donation of just $229 buys one Chromebook compared to $500-1,500 for traditional laptops or $500 & up for iPads. And Chromebooks are a great fit for our classrooms now that many are using Google Classroom to manage assignments and facilitate student-teacher-home communication.

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  • Anonymous - Donation & Mailing list - $229.00 - May 11, 2017.

    This gem of a school deserves support for its current technology fundraiser. My grandchild is fortunate to be a student at FGCS where authentic learning takes place with an excellent staff that is dedicated to the school's philosophy.

  • Sarah Barbour - Donation & Mailing list - $50.00 - May 10, 2017.

  • James Houx - Donation & Mailing list - May 08, 2017.

  • Caroline Veleke - Donation - May 04, 2017.

  • Anonymous - Donation - May 04, 2017.

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