Keep the Palestinian Economy Rooted in Palestine

Highlighting, Supporting and Connecting a Robust Local Palestinian Economy


Our mission at AVPE is to promote the ongoing development of a vibrant and sustainable economy in Palestine by building bridges and supporting the indigenous business community. You can think of this as helping create a fertile economic landscape in Palestine so Palestinians can keep their roots healthy and firmly in place. This requires both sustainability and capability. It is driven by and is the foundation for hope. Through our work we are building connections and strengthen networks that support the Palestinian economy.

Our goal is two-fold:

(1) Identify the gaps between the status quo and vibrancy as experienced by Palestinian individuals and businesses and find partners in our network to bridge them.

(2) Highlight bright spots within the Palestinian economy so that those who can leverage and benefit from them are aware.

This means we need to build and maintain robust, dense networks. Networks within Palestine, networks with the local region and with the world beyond.

Your support helps us to build these networks and makes sure that as Palestinian business and entrepreneurs hit bumps in the road, we're their to help them find smoother paths to their success and the future success of the Palestinian economy.

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