Did you know that 44% of Americans feel alone or isolated? Isolation makes everything worse. It impacts public health statistics, it increases poverty and crime rates, it amplifies political polarization, and it even affects school performance. Great Lakes Urban is building a leadership engine to solve the one issue (isolation) that affects 20 others.

We turn disconnection and loneliness into belonging and hope. Give today to cultivate connection and change and your impact will be doubled through a matching fund program made possible by generous donors!

Here are just a few of the many ways your 2021 donations made a difference:

- The number of neighborhoods impacted grew to 12 this year (up from 4 two years ago)!

- One neighborhood launched a women’s self-help group and business enterprise.

- Another neighborhood bought an apartment complex to keep rent costs down.

- Yet another neighborhood turned out over 80 people in just one (of many) block party.

Here are just a few of the many ways your 2022 donations will help grow our impact:

- Launch a seed grant program to help new communities take on this important work.

- Form a national network of Asset Based Community Development implementers.

- Add staff to increase our coaching, connecting, and communications work.

- All of which will set us on a path to reach our goal of impacting 100 neighborhoods.

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