Wrap, Wrap, Baby Volunteer

Leave the papercuts to us! Our elves will wrap your gifts while you wait

We are looking for volunteers to help out at our Christmas Fundraiser, "Wrap, Wrap, Baby!"

We are looking for volunteers to join us on December 8th and 15th from 4-7 to help out with the following: 

 Greeters (2-3) To welcome people, inform about the cause, take down info
• Wrappers (8) based on 4 teams of 2 each
• Hostess (1-2) to talk to people about KMI as well as keep the table stocked
• Floaters (2-3) to help take packages to/from gift wrap room
• Check Out/Closers (1-2) to check people out, upsell KMI, skills in sales and tech necessary to manage executing QR code and/or Square


Please check back soon!


This campaign has ended or is not currently active.
Contact us if you would like more information on how to support!


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