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Through our community organizations, we have been lucky to have Israel, sports, and helping people with special needs as part of our lives. Both have made a big impact on us. For a Bar Mitzvah chesed project, we want to bring our interests together to help disabled kids in Israel through sports and help impact their lives too.

Join us in raising money for new sports equipment and/or wheelchairs with the American Friends of Israel Sport Center for the Disabled. When we travel to Israel in the near future, we will be able to tour the facilities and help the kids play sports. Thank you to everyone who can help bring sports into the lives of everyone.

See video about org: The ISCD Presents - "Once you choose hope, anything is possible"

Cost of equipment needed below. Let’s see how much we can send to kids in Israel during our Climb-A-Thon Bar Mitzvah party.

$18 - Help to provide an athlete with equipment

$36 - Help to provide an athlete with equipment

$72 - Help to provide an athlete with equipment

$180 - Provide a wheelchair basketball player with a uniform and equipment

$360 - Provide a wheelchair tennis player with a uniform, racquet, and tennis balls

$540 - Provide a child with a series of twelve one-hour one-on-one aquatic therapy sessions

$1,200 - Provide a child with transportation to and from The Center for one year

$2,500 - Provide a child's tuition in the Children's Program for one year

$3,600 - Provide an athlete with a Basketball or Rugby Wheelchair

$5,000 - Provide an elite athlete with a top-of-the-line competitive wheelchair


Yair Dreytser and Binyamin Friedman

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