Your private adventure with family and friends

 Experience the mustang magic up close and personal!
    Make amazing memories with American Mustangs


~ Exclusive Tour

Plentiful Parking and Turn-Around Space: R.V.'s, vans, trailers

~ Photo Ops & Selfies with mustangs

~ Behind-the-scenes with horses 

~ All Ages!

~Tailored to your private group

~ 5 min. from Colorado National Monument


  • Gain interesting facts in a multi-media presentation
  • Learn the differences between domestic horses and wild horses
  • Ask questions as you interact up close with the mustangs

No Horse experience needed

Hands-on experiences with mustangs - no riding

 Register your group, and then contact Steadfast Steeds to reserve the date

Make a difference by attending Wild Horse Experience!

Tour fees will support the Mustangs of Steadfast Steeds!

Great gift-giving idea!

ask for a gift certificate to present to that special person

Experience MUSTANGUAGE - the unique equus dialect among wild horses 

Wild horses are masters of Multi Sensory Awareness (MSA). They utilize their entire body to perceive their surroundings: thick hide protects them from harsh weather and is sensitive enough to feel a fly on their back, each ear hears multiple sounds, each eye sees a panoramic view, and their nostrils contain 3 times more nerve senses than humans.  As prey, mustangs' very survival depends on their MSA. and the complex social system of the wild horse demonstrates instant, non-judgmental feed-back communication for other family band members as well as for humans.


Gritty Wild Horse Girl - Tracy Scott

Sanctuary co-founder and president

Tracy has been studying and relating with wild horses in the Colorado wilderness

and at the Sanctuary for many years.

Mustang Million National Competitor

Equine-assisted Life Coach

Photo Gallery

Your private group wild horse experience

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