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As a member of the AFC the finances are yours to use to create your story. The Astoria Filmmakers Club is a 501 (c) 3 that advocates & supports members with fundraising for community events, creative films & more. 

As of January 1st 2023, the AFC is open to helping Non-Members with crowd funding for their projects as well as finding reliable casts & crew members within the AFC. The top goal of the AFC is to be the number one crowdfunding platform in the world. The funds are intended exclusively to provide a grant directly to your production. Our unique platform withholds no funds nor has hidden fees from your personal campaign.

We have one requirement. A special thanks to the Club in the credits as well as on your projects IMDb. You may use an AFC graphic of your choosing in the films credits. 

Submit an application and an AFC team leader will contact you shortly. 

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