Ramaz 2022 Hoops for Chesed

On December 23, 2022, 7th and 8th-grade students at The Ramaz School will participate in a “Hoops for Chesed” free throw competition. This activity is another way for them to accept responsibility of mitzvot and play a bigger role in the Jewish community locally and globally.

Earlier this month, the 7th and 8th graders met with four inspiring athletes from the Israel ParaSport Center (formerly known as Israel Sport Center for the Disabled.) All four athletes shared their personal stories of how they came to their disabilities (some were born with them, and one was the result of an accident.). All four were shown how to push through their individual challenges by someone at The Center who became their role model for living a successful life. Boaz Kramer (brother of Ramaz teacher Noga Kramer, z"l) is a two-time Paralympian and silver medalist in wheelchair tennis. Caroline Tabib, also a two-time Paralympian, is ranked #6 in the world in wheelchair table tennis. Maayan Zikri is a US Open and Paris 2024 hopeful, currently ranked #21 in the world for wheelchair tennis. And everyone enjoyed hearing from eight-year-old Yonatan who dreams of winning lots of medals in either swimming, wheelchair basketball, or wheelchair rugby. Yonatan poignantly shared that The Center is his favorite place "because there, no one is different because everyone is different!"

Ramaz students are inviting family and friends to be their sponsors and donate money for every free throw they make in their Hoops for Chesed competition. Their goal is to raise at least $7,200 so the 7th and 8th grades can each purchase a sports wheelchair for The Center and give children with disabilities in Israel more opportunities to play sports, just like Ramaz students. We look forward to Ramaz's 8th-grade class visiting The Center on their Israel trip in May when they will see their chesed efforts in action!

Thank you in advance for supporting this chesed opportunity. 

7th and 8th Grade Classes of 2022-2023
The Ramaz Middle School
New York, NY

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