$20 RabiesVaccine | $20 Distemper Vaccine | $20 Microchip*

*Microchip complimentary with either vaccine

Each date below has an appointment available at 10:00am, 10:30am, 2:00pm, and 2:30pm. 1 appointment available for each time slot - please register each of the animals you need vaccinated for their own appointment.

If your pet has been previously vaccinated for Rabies, they are able to receive a 3-year rabies vaccine. Please bring proof of previous rabies vaccine (even if expired) to receive a 3-year booster. Prior vaccination is NOT required - without proof of prior vaccination, pets will be given a 1-year vaccine. 

Cats MUST be in carriers. Dogs MUST be on-leash - please no retractable leashes.

Please enter owner information under "Participant Information". Information provided at registration will be what is reflected on the rabies certificate & for microchip registration.