3rd Annual Sickle Cell Warrior Walk Run 5K Sponsor

P.O. Box #218554 Nashville,TN 37221


Greetings Future & Current Sickle Cell Support Partner,

On behalf of Breaking The SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation, Inc. (BTSSCC), you are cordially invited to participate as a sponsor for the BTSSCC 3rd Annual Sickle Cell Warrior Walk/Run 5K. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is one of the most common, painful, inherited blood conditions that disproportionately affects minority populations. In addition to causing chronic pain, SCD can also cause anemia, organ damage, stroke, and even death.

Despite the devastating impacts SCD can have on one’s life and family, many people are still unaware of their own sickle cell carrier status; not knowing can lead to having a child with SCD when both parents are SCD trait carriers.

BTSSCC is very active in the community, and the Sickle Cell Warrior Walk/Run 5K will serve to highlight the foundation's community presence and offer support to the individuals and families affected by the disease. We would like to continue growing our community partners and providing education, empowerment, and support to the sickle cell community, but our organization alone cannot achieve this goal without the help of charitable individuals and businesses like yours.

The event will be held on Saturday, September 16th, 2023, at Shelby Park near the Riverview Shelter/Pavillion in Nashville, TN.

Your sponsorship helps to defray the cost of organizing the event. Funds received from sponsorships are used to purchase t-shirts for registered race participants, signage, awards, SWAG, and complimentary drinks and snacks for each race participant. Any additional money from sponsorships will help go toward our fundraising goal of $25,000; which directly supports the foundation's sickle cell community outreach activities.


Successful advocacy to make a difference and improve sickle cell awareness requires collaboration. partnerships from all members of the community. The foundation seeks support from generous sponsors for the event, but more importantly, we seek to create meaningful relationships with our community business partners who will grow to be long-lasting supporters of the sickle cell community. Tax-deductible donations can be made directly on the website at


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