Japanese Indigo August 17th

Thursday, August 17th

6:00-8:30 pm

Experience the magic of indigo dye firsthand in a two and a half hour workshop using freshly harvested Japanese Indigo. We will be dyeing silk scarves with nothing but fresh leaves and a sprinkle of table salt. The dye is permanent without any further processing. After dyeing, you can add some pattern using indigo pigment and stencils. Not only will you go home with your freshly dyed item, you will be able to bring home the stems of the plant to root so you can continue to dye at home after a few weeks. 


We will also explore leaf stamping and coloring with rolled up leaves. 


In addition, you will learn how the pigment is extracted from the leaves and the multitude of ways you can use the pigment. These practices have a long history worldwide as indigo bearing plants grow all over the globe.

$50 Members, $55 Non-members

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