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This year is the 23rd year of July as International Group B Strep Awareness Month being observed. It was created to bring awareness of group B strep to the general public. Since then it has been a focal opportunity for organizations and individuals around the world to tell their stories, share information, and promote healthy outcomes for babies worldwide.You can make a difference for families worldwide by learning, contributing, and sharing about GBS!

Here's how to make a difference for families worldwide:

  1. Learn about GBS at and share our information! 
  2. Contribute to the cause by making a donation or starting your own fundraising page!
  3. Share our posts through your social media! Check out our July awareness toolkit to help you get started!
  4. Join us for our Awareness Materials Campaign as part of GBS Community Days 2023.  On July 11-13 we will also be sharing GBS research highlights and interactive learning opportunities for families and healthcare professionals. 


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