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Hare Sreenivasa!

NE SRS Brundavan (affiliated to Shri Mantralayam Mutt) is a registered non-profit religious organization with a 'For the Community, by the Community' model.  Its mission is to establish a shrine dedicated to Shri Raghavendra Swami in the New England area to serve the community by -

Being a traditional house of worship, learning and religious gathering

Being the torch bearer of our rich heritage and culture

Being an avenue to support the extended community that we live in with puja and priest services

Bringing people together in the service of people in need and to support each other with a spirit of inclusion 

As the first step towards that goal, NE SRS Brundavan is planning to have a temporary Prarthana Mandir until a permanent location is carefully selected and acquired for the convenience of all Rayaru devotees in the area. This organization's community based model means that it is completely fueled by individuals passion and devotion and when devotees put their hands together, miracles happen. In this spirit, you can help in the following ways -

 - Donate generously and become a Fund Raiser to the Guru Raghavendra Samarpana - Interim Rayara Mutt Fund

- As a fund raiser, set your own goal amount for fundraising and share the link of your page with your family and friends in USA and abroad.

- As a donor, do not forget to forward the fundraiser link to your network and invite them to donate.

Every contribution, big or small counts. We will realize this goal together - brick by brick. The funds raised will enable us to lease a space for the prarthana mandir and appoint a dedicated priest approved by our current guru H.H. Shri Subudhendra Theertha Swamiji. 

In seva of Guru Raghavendra, 

The NE SRS Brundavan Team

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