Live By Living virtual hikeathon 2023

Tell Cancer to Take a Hike!

Join the Live By Living 2023 virtual hike-a-thon. Help us raise $60,000 to fund six three-day retreats for 120 cancer survivors and caregivers. Tell Cancer to Take a Hike!

The 2023 Live By Living Virtual Hikeathon is an event where you help support Live By Living by taking one, two or three big steps:

STEP 1 -- Register and pay the $20 registration fee. We've set this fee low so everybody can participate. 100% of the registration fee supports Live By Living programs. If half of the people on our mailing list just took step one, we'd be over two-thirds of the way to our $60,000 goal.

STEP 2 -- Make an additional donation if you are able. Again, 100% of your donation supports our work.

STEP 3 -- Go all in and become a fundraiser for Live By Living. Get your friends, family, and colleagues to support an organization that means a lot to you. We've got tools and tips to help you.

In 2020, we held a virtual hikeathon. Our goal was to raise $40,000. We wound up raising over $48,000. Over half that total came from a dozen or so Live By Living participants who took step 3, and became a virtual fundraising army. 

Becoming a Live By Living fundraiser is easy:

-- Set a goal for how many miles you will walk or hike during the entire month of September 2023. You choose where, when, and how far to hike. Walk around the block every day. Hike all the trails in your nearest park. Hike all the trails in your county! The number of days you hike and the number of miles is totally up to you.

-- Next, set a goal for how much money you will raise for Live By Living. $100 buys food for two people on a 3-day retreat. $500 sends a survivor on a retreat. $1000 sends a survivor and their caregiver on a retreat.

-- Set up your fundraising page. We've got step-by-step instructions to guide you.

-- Ask people you know to support cancer survivors by donating to Live By Living. People want to help, and you're giving them a chance. Be sure to thank everyone who donates.

Becoming a fundraiser for Live by Living is huge! As our 2020 virtual fundraiser showed, peer-to-peer fundraising -- where supporters raise donations from people they know -- is one of the most effective ways for non-profits to support their missions. Translate your passion for Live By Living into action, and help us provide more programs for more survivors and caregivers!


When you become a fundraiser, you will get your own fundraising page. You can also join a team, or create your own team with family and friends, whether they live here in Colorado, or across the country! Just click on the "Become a Fundraiser" button. Never raised money for a charity before? Don't fret. Here are some time-tested-strategies and tips for raising money. Feel free to reach out to us any time for additional help. There will be prizes for the top fundraisers and fundraising teams.  Stay tuned for more details.

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