Could you spare a moment? 

This summer, we are gearing up for our 7th Annual Bowling Event on September 30th! This event is more than just knocking down pins; it's about knocking down barriers that may keep families in our community from enjoying a few hours together worry-free! 

This year, Mercy Drops Dream Center will cover the entire cost of a bowling day for 240 people. They don't have to worry about a single game, pair of shoes, or even food - we've got them covered, so all they have to do is show up and "pin"point the fun! 

And by "we," we mean Mercy Drops Dream Center and YOU! We need your help to make this event a success. Help us "roll" in the good times and "frame" a bright day for these deserving families. Whether you donate a "spare" amount or a "strike-ing" sum, every penny counts, and every gift goes towards creating a community that knows what it is to be seen, cared for, and "bowl"ieved in! 

Please help us keep rolling out all of the stops! Each donation not only brings fun events like this to life but invests in the work that we do every single day. This year we are focused on sustainability and doing work concentrating on the true value of sustaining our city. The 7th Annual Bowling Event is a small part of that work but has a big impact! 

Help us "pick up the spare" , provide families with a day to cherish today, and join us on September 30th from 11:00am when doors open till 1:30pm at AMF Western Branch Lanes!

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