Continuing Education Webinar October 2023

Mass Public Violence by Incels

DJ Williams, PhD

This study explores cognitive and demographic features of self‐identified incels who have attempted and/or successfully completed mass homicide. Threat and risk assessment may be improved by identifying such features, which is an important component of mass violence prevention.

DJ Williams is a board member, Journal of Positive Sexuality co-founder, and a social and behavioral scientist at Idaho State University. DJ is a leading international expert on deviance as leisure experience, and he has been a consultant and/or expert witness on several high-profile forensic cases involving sexuality and actual or potential violence.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the different types of incels, and key terms (e.g., “pill” jargon) associated with incel ideology;
  • Identify key risk dimensions associated with specific types of mass public violence (disgruntled employees, school shootings, ideologically-motivated, and rampage);
  • Recognize the two self-perceptual styles of incels who have committed mass public violence;
  • Identify specific clusters of neutralizations, criminal thinking errors, and cognitive distortions that are present in incels who have committed mass public violence.


Professionals seeking 1 unit/hour of APA credit - $75
Attendees not seeking credits - $40
Students - $25

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