Nature Studies for Homeschool '23

Every month, the Eagle River Nature Center is excited to offer a 2 part workshop to focus in on a natural topic.  These are geared toward elementary-aged students who are learning in a homeschool setting.  Each workshop is $50 total (includes both sessions). 

Please contact Samantha at [email protected] with any questions or if you'd like to schedule a private workshop for your co-op!

Learn more about all Nature Studies Workshops here!

FUNGUS AMONG US  8.24 + 8.31  1PM

Fungi are neither plants nor animals but comprise their own kingdom. We’ll go on a “Detritus Safari” to discover how saprophytic fungi help break down forest garbage, and develop some simple tools to start identifying the diverse fungi that are essential to our boreal ecosystem.  Finish this session with some ideas about how to cultivate your own fungi and how fungus just might save the world!

UNBE-LEAF-ABLE TREES  9.21 + 9.28  1PM

Explore plant growth & functions, then go on a leaf collection expedition and learn to identify tree species using a key. Discover how trees deal with winter. We’ll also explore what tools foresters use to track the health of a forest. 

 SUN & MOON  10.12 + 10.19  1PM

We’ll start with some constellations storytelling inspired by the night sky. Study the phases of the moon, learn about the solar system, and prepare for the upcoming solar eclipses. We’ll wrap up by making a night sky journal for recording your observations.

 LIFE AROUND THE POND  11.9 + 11.16  1PM

They may be smaller than us, but salmon and beavers have a big impact on our landscape.  Investigate beaver ecology and adaptations and explore how salmon nourish ecosystems—even the trees! Observe how other creatures around the pond are preparing for winter.

SNOW, YEAH!  12.7 + 12.14  1PM

Take a close look at snowflakes and learn about how rain/hail/snow are formed in the atmosphere. We’ll study the phase changes of water, learn about avalanches, and go snowshoeing, weather permitting.

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