Rescue Shelter - Back to School 2023

Our Rescue Shelter kids are headed back to school on September 4th! 

As they begin their second full year of school in Zagreb, Croatia, we need your help to get the kids into new school clothes, new school shoes and making sure that they have the necessary school and trade school supplies and transportation fees (for our trade school kids)!

We have four kids who will continue normal schooling and four who will be enter trade school.  Those entering trade school will need additional financial support to cover specialized supplies for their trade and also bus/transportation fees.  They will be studying hotel & tourism industry, culinary arts and auto mechanics.

Please consider sponsoring something to bless these kids!

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Sponsor Danik Going to 1st Grade! Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Dasha Going to 4th Grade! Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Ksyusha Going to 5th Grade! Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Max Going to 6th Grade! Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Ilyona Going to Hotel/Tourism Trade School Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Yura Going to Culinary Trade School Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Kolya Going to Auto Mechanic Trade School Starting at $25.00

Sponsor Yarik Going to Auto Mechanic Trade School Starting at $25.00

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