Exploring Divine Love through Colors.

What are your ideas about love? How do you grow in love each day? Often times, conversations about God do not talk enough about love and devolve into arguments. Through this workshop, we will be learning how to think about and live more fully in divine love by thinking through and sharing wisdom and ideas through colors.

Angela Hummel will be our workshop presenter. Angela has a BA and an MA in Theology, an MFA in creative writing, and is currently pursuing her DMin at Iliff School of Theology. Angela has been engaged in ministry and teaching for over 15 years. Angela is a regular writer for the Wabash Foundation (the Center for Innovative Theological Education) and has been a TEDx speaker. Angela has lived in Colorado for over three years with her child Sappho and their dog Cinnamon. They are members of St. John's Cathedral in Denver.


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