Bring Hope Home Capital Campaign

"Joey" was covered in bruises and cigarette burns, bounced from foster home to foster home, unable to trust anyone. Until one day, Joey came to the ranch and began to discover the beauty in healthy relationships...equine and human. Hope began to shine. Today Joey is still active in our session program and is also serving as a junior mentor to a younger boy who shares a similar story of abandonment. Their connection is beautiful and both are growing toward a healthier tomorrow.

Crossfire Ranch pairs youth who are experiencing emotional challenges with a trained mentor and equine partner to find hope and healing. Crossfire Ranch serves vulnerable and at-risk youths in our community. In 2023, we were privileged to serve 60 youth that have experienced trauma and/or emotional struggles stemming from things like neglect, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, abandonment, and parental loss and so forth.

We need YOUR help to purchase property and increase not only our capacity but also assure safety, confidentiality and an environment that is best conducive to work with youth that have had significant trauma, chaos and challenges in their lives. Together we build into young lives in our own communities. 

Abandoned, rejected, lonely, unloved, afraid…those are just some of the words that Crossfire youth have used to describe themselves when they first came to the ranch. But then… they meet a horse and a mentor that walks alongside them, sometimes letting them lead the way. As the layers of hurt and fear begin to peel back, they learn trust, respect, communication, how to love, and how to be loved.

We invite conversation and your partnership.  Ways you can get involved... Give. Serve. Pray. Share. Learn. It takes a team and every aspect is important. We are excited to walk this journey with you! 

If you are already on board and ready to give financially, it is best to send a check or go to the donation page, click the NetGivers link to make a direct deposit, please indicate Capital Campaign in the memo area so funds are correctly allocated. Both options will avoid significant fees.

Crossfire Ranch
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Together, we can be a beacon of hope for our kids and provide them with a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

Our warmest & heartfelt thanks for your interest, consideration, generosity!

The Crossfire Ranch Team

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