2024 Student Internship Program

EfTA's Student Internship Program (SIP) offers bright, motivated high school seniors hands-on opportunities in their desired fields. SIP internships are designed to provide valuable work experiences for students who are exploring career options. The program offers students a first step toward furthering their education and figuring out what direction they want to take in life. In addition, the process of applying offers insights to the job search and introduces students to the value of networking and developing transferable skills that can eventually be included in a resume.

This internship is a great opportunity for both mentors and interns, and this year will be offering an in-person internship opportunity only. Students apply and compete for these internships, therefore these are historically very ambitious, intelligent young adults capable of doing impressive work for their level of education. Your interns will have indicated an interest in pursuing a related career, so this is their chance to learn the realities of such a career before investing hundreds of hours and dollars in the profession.

Suggested Work Period: June 3th - July 26, 2024


Student Internship Program Employer Registration

Thank you for helping to create a unique learning opportunity for a local student!

For Summer 2024, we will be hosting an in-person internship program ONLY. Rising seniors in Montgomery County will have the opportunity to apply for an in-person (2 weeks/80-hour traditional job shadowing in an organization) program.  

In order to best match you or your company with an intern, please complete the following information.  Please complete a separate form for each different internship position you are offering. Your registration will help us create an anonymous job description that will be posted for the students to apply for. 

Job Description example: 

301. Industry: Communications 

Location: Conroe, TX 

The intern will have opportunities to write press releases, assist with event planning, and help prepare marketing and presentation materials for district publicity and events. Parent permission will be requested so interns can ride with members of the Communications team in to work events that do not take place at the Administration Building.. Required work dates: June 1 - July 17.


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