Billings Mediation Center sponsors a 12-hour Advanced Training
Mediating with Adult Families" 
2-week* hybrid virtual and on-demand training components for just $449

Your total cost is discounted despite increased credits hours


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Blended Training with Role-Play Sessions Adds 5 Hours for a robust 12-Hour Training
Hybrid training provides affordability and control over YOUR time. 
Zoom Orientation Monday, September 4
2 Zoom Role-Play Sessions:
Saturdays September 9 and 16 (10a - 12:30) 


Fall 2023 Advanced Training

September 4, 2023 through September 16, 2023

This workshop introduces experienced mediators to the field of adult family mediation, also known as elder mediation, in its many forms, including decision making about the well-being of senior family members and those who care for them; family-owned business disputes; disputes about jointly-held property; and inheritance disputes.

BONUS Additional "Training Buddy" Role-Plays 


Billings Mediation Center’s sponsorship supplements the core 7-hour training with another 5 hours of content focusing on Role-Playing.  This Advanced Family Mediation training and Supplemental 5 hours scheduled assures acknowledgment by Montana Mediation Association (MTMA) for continued Elder Care Certification.  


The detailed agenda is available for viewing after registration and closer to training kick-off September 4, 2023 and runs through September 16, 2023.

The detailed weekly agenda is designed to assist in the steady progression of the course with respect to online discussion and virtual, interactive sessions. It is expected an average weekly time commitment will include 3.5 hours of video content.  Additional virtual, interactive role-playing training through Zoom requires 2.5 hours each for 2 sessions.


VIDEO content is produced and presented by and available to each student to view on their own. Each video section contains a component that students will utilize to prove that the video was viewed, along with extensive outline and curriculum. It is expected that each student will spend approximately 6 hours each week involved with video content all in preparation for discussion participation and role-playing.


DISCUSSIONS will utilize our Billings Mediation Training Site, so that a topic will be presented for posting-style discussion, allowing each student to participate fully (posting and replying to others) in the discussion.

All ZOOM DISCUSSIONS are conducted Saturdays from 10 am to 12:30 pm.  Zoom discussions and role-plays will occur September 9 and September 16.  These Zoom sessions are your "Training Buddy" forum recommended by Mediate.Com and required for MTMA certification.


Failure to participate in minimum video viewing and facet of training adversely affects committed participants’ efforts to obtain practical experience and certification. The format nature of this course allows great flexibility of time throughout a given week. Therefore, any student failing to participate in any viewing of required video, discussion, and/or role play (either in person or by Zoom on scheduled Saturdays) will risk loss of ability to obtain a certificate of completion for the full 12 CEU for Montana Mediation Association’s additional or continued Elder Care Certification.

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