2023 Food Drive for HeartBright Foundation

Providing hope to those in need

ANPA Carolinas is a nonprofit organization of physicians and allied healthcare professionals of Nigerian descent within North and South Carolina.

ANPA Carolinas is proud to be partnering with HeartBright for this food drive to benefit some of the underprivileged in our community.

HeartBright treats disease, hypertension, and diabetes in over 7,600 local working poor residents a year. Their Emergency Pantry for patients in need is desperately low.

We are running this food drive from April 8 - May 13 to help refill the pantry with essential proteins and gift cards for home blood pressure machines. Last year we were able to raise $7,600 to fill the pantry. This year we are hoping to raise $8,500 to help offset increased food prices and fill the pantry shelves.

We are proud to be serving the community through this outreach. Please join us in this effort and be sure to share with friends and family. Together we can help provide hope and healing to this community.

Every dollar donated is worth 1 point

The top 10 point holders will receive gifts at the end of the drive.