Miracle on Middlefield

You can help keep this sacred space in the Bay Area: Pauline Books & Media




Our miracle on Middlefield is becoming a reality. Thanks to your generosity and prayers.

However, we are still in need of $400,000 to finish construction and purchase an elevator for our older Sisters. This new building will have a book center and chapel on the first floor, and our convent upstairs. Since 1966 Pauline Books and Media has had a book center in the Bay Area, and the funds raised here will ensure our continued presence to bring you the Truth of the Gospel in all forms of communications and media in a way that is both relevant and beautiful. 

You may wish to drive by our new location on the corner of Middlefield Road and 6th Avenue to see the progress.

Where your donation goes:

Elevator                                   $40,000
Bedroom Closet ($510/each)x6        $3,060
Dresser ($150/each)x6           $900

To make a gift 

Please call Sr. Mary Domenica Vitello: (650) 242-6058

To mail your gift, please include your name, address and telephone number along with credit card payment, cash, check or money order.
Gifts may be mailed to: 3079 Oak Knoll Drive, Redwood City, CA 94062

Gifts of stocks are also welcomed. If you intend to make a gift of stock, please call Sr. Mary Domenica Vitello:  (650) 242-6058

God Bless You!

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