Seedfunding Campaign

Fund Breathe's Proof of Concept

Breathe’s full proof of concept is finally possible!

Now is the time to gather the resources we can access immediately to create multiple forms of impact and influence. We will show the world that we have a viable solution to help build movements for an equitable, regenerative, thriving world.

The coordinated Earth Week events are part of the intensifying action campaign to clean Hunters Point Shipyard, Treasure Island, and other points along the SF Bay shoreline, as well as heal and compensate for damage done to the most heavily impacted local communities. Our coalition is a wonderful example of a growing, intersectional alliance of communities and grassroots organizations.

With our prototype community platform, original content, and marketing to promote and support this action campaign we will have built a minimum viable product to prove our concept. The impact report documenting our ability to engage people to get involved, join our network, and thereby add unprecedented impact to the Earth Day rallies, will support Breathe’s development campaign. It will enable us to successfully pursue grants, major gift donors, corporate sponsors, and generally build our donor base to provide the operating budget for the next years of Breathe’s growth.

Read more about Breathe's solutions and this action campaign on our website.

Right now we need seed funding to: 

  1. Build and test the platform/network prototype - $2280
  2. Grow our audience (marketing) - $450

  3. Design and development - $1000

  4. Social media graphics, video, and content production - $1570

TOTAL: $5300

Movement Strategy Center is supporting Breathe’s mission by offering a matching donation of up to $2500 for this campaign. Double your contribution when you donate today!

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